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Why naming all our mozzies is important for fighting disease

THE CONVERSATION 2018: Notorious for spreading diseases like malaria and Zika virus overseas, mosquitoes contribute to thousands of cases of human disease in Australia each year. But only half of Australia’s approximately 400 different species of mosquitoes have been scientifically named and described. So how are scientists able to tell the unnamed species apart? 

Science Communication

THE CONVERSATION: Food for thought: feeding our growing population with flies

Scientists predict that by 2050 there will be 9.6 billion humans living on Earth and animal consumption could increase by 70%. Could flies be the answer to feeding the growing population?

TED: Let’s appreciate the humble fly.

We wouldn’t have chocolate without flies, and seven other reasons to respect and protect these bugs that bug us, from entomologist Bryan Lessard.

BUZZFEED: 10 Reasons Why Entomology Is Pokémon IRL

 If you’re a fan of Pokémon, then chances are you’re obsessed with collecting every pocket monster you can. But did you know that Pokémon creator Satoshi Tajiri got his inspiration from insects? Here are 10 more reasons why entomology, the study of insects, is like playing Pokémon in real life.

WILDLIFE AUSTRALIA: Flies of fancy: why Australia needs horse flies.

A special loathing is reserved for animals that suck our blood. Entomologist Bryan Lessard calls for more appreciation of the virtues of horse flies. 

AUSTRALIAN GEOGRAPHIC: Lord Howe Island Citizen Science Expedition!

Interested in citizen science? Want to collect insects on Lord Howe Island? Join me for this year's Australian Geographic Lord Howe Island Scientific Expedition!

ABC RADIO SYDNEY: Bry the Fly Guy's Top 5!

A countdown of the weirdest and wackiest  biodiversity on ABC Evenings with Chris Bath. 

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We are not alone: Scientists shine a light on the bugs we share our homes with (via Liam Mannix).

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DNA test confirms stick insect back from the dead (via Stephen Smiley).

Triple J with Dr Karl & Zan Rowe

Wombat poos, Beyonce flies & slow slugs. An insect edition with special guests Dr Bryan Lessard from the CSIRO and Dr Rebecca Johnson from the Australian Museum!

ABC News

Kids sign up as citizen scientists with new app that feeds Australian species database (via Kathy McLeish).

Australian Financial Review

Think there are more flies this year? Heres why (via Ronald Mizen).

BBC Radio 4

The etymology of entomology (Produced by Andrea Rangecroft) 


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